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Everything starts with an idea, ideas can be simplistic or elaborate; ideas are boundless and will always be apart of our everyday lives. IdeasDrop is a platform for everyone to share, improve and be inspired by ideas.

"IdeasDrop is a community designed to encourage idea generation, idea development, mentorship, and peer-to-peer advice in a noise-free environment." - Dave (Founder)
IdeasDrop is the first step in your idea's journey. Our community provides the early feedback and validation that ideas need to either take flight or fail fast. Our community currently consists of CTO, CMO, fashion designers, teachers, entrepreneurs, makers, designers, developers and trend-seekers.

Kind words from QuHarrison Terry who is a 4X LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech

"I love IdeasDrop, I visit this community more often than Facebook, Instagram & Twitter." - Ben Villiere

Join Our Monthly 'Idea to Product' Online Event

Each month we take ONE members idea and over the course of a month, and as a community, we help them take their idea from just that - an idea to a finished product

Develop Better Ideas Together

We believe each idea can become the next big thing, and the only way to know is to share it and get feedback.

"IdeasDrop is a daily workout for my idea muscle. It keeps me constantly inspired and helps me think outside the box. I'm loving it." - Jason Frank


🚀 Share and get feedback on your ideas.

Daily challenges to promote idea generation.

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👋 I’m David Delahunty, founder of IdeasDrop

I’ve spent the last few years publicly sharing my own ideas, over 4,000 so far. 

Released 2 best selling ebooks - 5 Ideas A Day & Never Ending Book of Ideas

I also run a newsletter where I share 5 ideas every week with over 12,500 subscribers

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What Members Say About IdeasDrop

"IdeasDrop provides me with my daily does of inspiration, ideas, motivation, community and opportunity." - Aoife 

"IdeasDrop community is so good. I love it. You can instantly notice the quality of conversation difference from any other social platform. This is honestly the most I’ve been excited about any community in a long time." - Matt

"Massive fan of IdeasDrop and the community that David Delahunty has built!"- David Murray

"I reckon I could start a new business with every bloody post." - Ash

3 Day Free Trial

The 3 Day Free Trial to IdeasDrop is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the IdeasDrop community! The trial will allow you to access all ideas and content available within the IdeasDrop app - exactly the same as a normal subscription!

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What if I don't have any ideas to share?
Then you don't have to, the point of the community is for both feedback but more importantly inspiration. Think of it as a daily workout for your creativity.

Why do you need my credit card details for a free trial?
We ask for your debit/credit card details for several reasons:

  • To verify your identity.
  • To protect us from users who could create multiple accounts with multiple IDs, thus allowing them to use our free trial perpetually.
  • It allows us to remove the tire-kickers and focus on the people who are actually interested in joining the community.

How much is it to join?
It's $9.99/monthly! (excl. Taxes). No commitment terms, no hidden fees.

Why do I have to pay to join the community?
Great question. The two main reasons are:
1. Removes ads/ sponsors
2. Quality > Quantity
3. Removes tire-kickers/ spammers

Can I cancel anytime?
Yep. It's that easy! If you are mid-month, your subscription will end once your month is over.

Are there refunds?
Unfortunately not. I've put a huge amount of time, effort and planning into building this community platform, so we are unable to provide a refund. Our membership site is truly comprehensive and one of a kind.

How is the payment being processed?
We use Stripe to process your payment. It's the same payment provider used in products such as Notion, Shopify, and Slack. We do not handle your credit card information directly.

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