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TLDR - launched IdeasDrop because I love sharing ideas. One-stop-shop for my community to get their creative wheels turning daily.

👋 Hey, David Delahunty here and I'm a big fan of ideas.

My wife would say obsessed.

We all have ideas. You have them but you do nothing with them. I'm different, I don't care who sees my ideas or who steals them. I share them for other people to "steal" them. Remember no idea is original. Most of my ideas are terrible ideas, but thats ok because those ideas are a starting point. The best ideas start out sounding like terrible ideas.

Like what I hear you ask? 

I’ll start with a classic example: the Pet Rock. Back in the 1970s, Gary Ross Dahl came up with an idea to sell rocks to children. Gary did this under the premise that the rock was some kind of pet. A combination of clever packaging and brilliant marketing made the concept of paying for a rock seem much more reasonable. Eventually, the idea made Dahl a millionaire. 

What sounds like a crazy idea can sometimes become the best.

My ideas are seeds, if I come back and keep watering them then something magic might happen. Sometimes seeds grow and sometimes they don't. That shouldn't stop you from planting new seeds. 

So what is IdeasDrop?

I've been sharing ideas online for a few years now and people seem to enjoy them. Some of my milestones include: 

  • I have a combined following online of over 135,000 followers on Twitter (@delahuntagram, @ideasdrop, @fiveideasaday)
  •  Today both my ebooks are voted #2 on Product Hunt.
  •  Email newsletter with over 13,800 members
I've been sharing my ideas everywhere - Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Email plus many more. It's time-consuming and also very hard to track.
This is why IdeasDrop was born. I wanted to create a Hub. A place where I could share my ideas in one place.

Kind words from QuHarrison Terry who is a 4X LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech

"I love IdeasDrop, I visit this community more often than Facebook, Instagram & Twitter." - Ben Villiere

👉 IdeasDrop was voted #1 on Product Hunt. Check it out here 👈

What You Get As A Member:

Access to BOTH my best-selling ebooks:

5 Ideas A Day ($20) & Never-Ending Ebook ($20)

You also get:

🚀 Lifetime Access to exclusive ideas.

Access articles, podcasts that inspire me.

🖤 Discover over 4,000 ideas.

💬 Private chat with members.

😍 Follow topics that interest you.

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What Members Say About IdeasDrop

"IdeasDrop provides me with my daily does of inspiration, ideas, motivation, community and opportunity." - Aoife 

"Massive fan of IdeasDrop and the community that David Delahunty has built!"- David Murray

"I reckon I could start a new business with every bloody post." - Ash

You made it this far. You should probably sign up.


How much is it to join?
It's a one time payment of $124.99 (excl. Taxes). Once you pay get access to both my best-selling ebooks and lifetime access.

Are there refunds?
Unfortunately not. I've put a huge amount of time, effort and planning into building this community platform, so we are unable to provide a refund. 

How is the payment being processed?
We use Stripe to process your payment. It's the same payment provider used in products such as Notion, Shopify, and Slack. We do not handle your credit card information directly.

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